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Nutrient Advantage: the testing is only as good as the technique

Lee Menhenett - Technical Agronomist on 23/06/2015

The analytical experts at Nutrient Advantage stress that effective soil testing is more than an ad hoc, once in a while exercise. "A strategic approach is a must”, says Technical Agronomist – Pasture, Lee Menhenett.

Trial data suggests potential for significant yield increase through use of ENTEC enhanced efficiency fertiliser

Rob Dwyer - Technical Agronomist on 22/06/2015

For some time, IPF has touted the potential for productivity gains with ENTEC stabilised nitrogen blends over conventional urea blends. Now they have some solid evidence to back up the claim. And the potential returns look impressive too.

New test runs a ruler over nutrient removal

Lee Menhenett - Technical Agronomist on 03/11/2014

A new grain test is available this harvest to put a figure on nutrient removal and help refine fertiliser rates for next season.

Field peas looking strong at Lalbert this spring

IPF on 23/09/2014

Field peas are standing up to be counted this spring at Darryl Bennett’s farm at Lalbert in the Victorian Mallee.

Taking a positive approach to corn

IPF on 22/09/2014

After only two years’ experience with growing corn, Sean Collins from DD Kaylock & Co is looking toward this season with optimism and hopes of achieving higher yields than ever before.

Liquid efficiency at topdress time

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers on 14/07/2014

Switching to liquid nitrogen fertilisers for topdress applications could improve application accuracy and efficiency for grain growers, according to visiting Western Australian farmer and agronomy adviser, Erin Cahill.

ENTEC to maximise productivity

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers on 08/07/2014

A willingness to try new things with the potential for productivity increases has seen David Agius become one of a growing number of cane growers to try using ENTEC® Urea.

Low soil nitrogen puts crop yields at risk

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 08/07/2014

Cereal and canola crops across wide areas of Victoria and New South Wales are at risk of running out of soil nitrogen and may suffer yield penalties unless farmers act quickly to address the problem.

Balanced nutrition yields benefits

Rob Norton - International Plant Nutrition Institute on 04/06/2014

Fertilisers can be used efficiently if the right balance is struck between nitrogen and phosphorus.

ENTEC more efficient for Gympie dairy farmer

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers on 29/05/2014

Second generation dairy farmer, Rob Gear from Gympie, doesn’t have a lot of time to waste.

Dairy Farmer uses Green Urea NV to protect her nitrogen investment

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers on 29/05/2014

Adopting leading plant nutrition practices and products is one way that Marian Macdonald is working to build sustainability in her family’s South Gippsland dairy farm.

Plant nutrition forum promotes sustainable cropping

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 29/05/2014

Researchers and agronomists committed to excellence in plant nutrition and a future of sustainable cropping met in Townsville for the Agronomy Community Forum in March.

Consider tissue testing this season

Lee Menhenett - Technical Agronomist on 09/05/2014

Graziers are being encouraged to tissue test their pastures to check that micronutrient levels are adequate for healthy pasture growth and healthy stock.

Getting ahead with BIG N

Bede O'Mara - Technical Agronomist on 09/05/2014

Growers looking to get a jump on next season are being advised they can fertilise paddocks set aside for cotton and summer crops as early as this month.

Repay paddocks for spring hay

Lee Menhenett - Technical Agronomist on 09/05/2014

Graziers are being advised to consider adding some potassium to their autumn pasture fertiliser application after a bumper hay season last year.

Analysis from trials shows value of nitrogen

Charlie Walker - Technical and Development Manager on 30/04/2014

The results from seven fertiliser trials conducted in wheat last year in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales indicate a positive correlation between nitrogen application rates and net returns.

Analysis from trials shows value of nitrogen

Charlie Walker - Technical and Development Manager on 22/04/2014

The results from seven fertiliser trials conducted in wheat last year in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales indicate a positive correlation between nitrogen application rates and net returns.

Minimising nitrogen losses in pasture systems

Lee Manhenett - Technical Agronomist on 21/03/2014

Nitrogen is a dynamic nutrient, and while it is an extremely important tool in pasture productivity, there are numerous loss mechanisms which require careful management.

Plentiful phosphorus yields results in trial

Lee Menhenett - Technical Agronomist on 21/03/2014

Wheat may need higher rates of phosphorus fertiliser after break crops like canola to reach its full yield potential, according to field research conducted at Dookie in Victoria.

Fertilisers in focus at Dookie

Craig Farlow - Agronomy Solutions on 23/12/2013

Northern Victorian grain growers and agronomists gathered at Dookie recently to see the latest in fertiliser research by Incitec Pivot Fertilisers and Riverine Plains.

Nitrogen goes green in cotton

Bede O'mara - Agronomy Solutions on 23/12/2013

Cotton crops are set to look greener than ever this season, thanks to the release of the new formulation Green Urea NV fertiliser.

Pasture roadshow focuses on balanced nutrition

Lee Menhenett - Agronomy Solutions on 23/12/2013

Farmers and graziers are invited to attend one of a series of free pasture nutrition information sessions this summer, focusing on balanced nutrition.

Take care with fertilisers

Charlie Walker - Agronomy Solutions on 23/12/2013

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers is encouraging all farmers to take care with fertilisers while driving productivity by choosing to buy from Fertcare accredited businesses

Trials show potential for splitting nitrogen

Rob Dwyer - Agronomy Solutions on 23/12/2013

Cane agronomists are continuing to look into split nitrogen applications as a way to help growers improve nitrogen use efficiency, spread fertiliser costs across the season and reduce the risk of potential nitrogen losses.

Feeling tinny?

Conal Wills - Product Manager on 30/10/2013

Cane growers who choose Cal-Gran® or Cal-Am® blended fertilisers this season will be in the running to win a fishing boat, outboard engine and trailer valued at $10,000.

Liquid nutrition makes sense in North Queensland crops

Rob Dwyer - Technical Agronomist on 30/10/2013

EASY N® liquid nitrogen fertiliser can give growers greater flexibility and control over nitrogen management in a whole host of crops including the likes of bananas, maize and potatoes.

Nitrogen goes green this spring

Lee Menhenett - Technical Agronomist on 30/10/2013

Springtime nitrogen applications are turning green this year, with the release of Green Urea NVTM from Incitec Pivot Fertilisers.

Urea quality under the spotlight in record topdressing

Peter Sullivan - Product Manager on 30/10/2013

The quality of urea fertiliser has become one of this season’s hot topics, following near-record demand from farmers wanting to topdress their crops to take advantage of ideal seasonal conditions.

Grazing high quality pastures

Lee Menhenett - Technical Agronomist on 17/09/2013

Money spent on fertiliser can ultimately increase profitability in the grazing industry, according to a long-term trial conducted by the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries.

Make the nitrogen switch in your cane and bananas this season

Rob Dwyer - Technical Agronomist on 17/09/2013

A simple change to the form of nitrogen used in cane and banana crops could make a significant difference to your fertiliser program.


Bede O'Mara - Technical Agronomist on 17/09/2013

There are two commonly used potassium fertilisers suitable for pre–plant application in cotton - Muriate of Potash and Sulphate of Potash.

Serve up a potassium spray to satisfy cotton

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 17/09/2013

Sometimes adequate soil potassium levels are not enough to satisfy the needs of a growing cotton crop, particularly at flowering.

Spring into topdressing

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 17/09/2013

Grain growers are continuing to topdress with nitrogen this season and may still be spreading at the end of September if conditions remain favourable.

Stabilised nitrogen shows potential in vegetables

Dr Ian Porter - Vic DPI on 17/09/2013

Switching to stabilised fertilisers could be a win win situation for vegetable growers and the environment.

On Tour at Nutrient Advantage

on 17/09/2013

Nutrient Advantage is a major provider of soil, plant and water analytical services in Australia. The Nutrient Advantage Laboratory is a 1,400 square meter, state of the art, purpose built facility, equipped to handle in excess of 100,000 samples a year.

Choose plant available sulphur

Lee Menhenett - Technical Agronomist on 08/08/2013

Soil sulphur levels can fall in pasture systems for many reasons, including the use of high analysis (low sulphur)fertilisers, missed applications in drought years or wet conditions.

Managing nutrition for high yielding canola

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 08/08/2013

Achieving a high yielding canola crop might start with choosing the latest in hybrid canola varieties, but it doesn’t stop there!

A guide to nitrogen topdress decisions

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 08/08/2013

Now that many areas of southern Australia have received a seasonal break, although a little late, there is the opportunity to reassess nitrogen requirements for the balance of the season.

Who can grow pasture this winter?

Lee Menhenett - Technical Agronomist on 08/08/2013

While it is not entirely true to say that ‘anybody can grow grass in the spring’, the bigger challenge for most graziers is producing enough feed for their stock in winter.

Take care with pre-plant nitrogen

Bede O'Mara - Technical Agronomist on 08/08/2013

Pre-plant nitrogen can be an excellent way to start the season for cotton and summer crops.

ENTEC carves a niche with dairy farmers

Noel Matthews - Incitec Pivot Fertilisers on 04/07/2013

ENTEC® treated fertilisers have carved out a niche among south-east Queensland dairy farmers who grow corn for silage.

2013 Australian Cotton Industry Awards

Cotton Australia on 04/07/2013

The Awards recognise excellence and achievement in Australia’s cotton industry throughout the supply chain, from growers and ginners to product suppliers, consultants, agronomists and researchers.

Choose plant available sulphur

JLee Menhenett - Agronomy Solutions on 04/07/2013

How long has it been since you have checked soil sulphur levels?

Managing nutrition for high yielding canola

Jim Laycock - Agronomy Solutions on 04/07/2013

Achieving a high yielding canola crop might start with choosing the latest in hybrid canola varieties, but it doesn’t stop there!

Soil Phosphorus Availability

Philip Hoult - Agronomy Solutions on 28/05/2013

Most plants take up the bulk of their phosphorus requirement early in their life, in the seedling stage of annuals and early regrowth of perennials. While phosphorus is not mobile in soils, it is one of the more mobile nutrients in plants.

Placement of fertiliser with the seed

Bede O'Mara - Technical Agronomist on 28/05/2013

Fertilisers placed with the seed may cause damage during germination, root or shoot growth. Usually, growers see delayed or staggered emergence, rather than complete failure.

Tried and true fertiliser for superior pasture nutrition

Lee Menhenett - Technical Agronomist on 28/05/2013

SuPerfect® is a tried and true fertiliser supplying balanced nutrition to legume-based pasture systems. The analysis of 8.8% phosphorus, 11% sulphate sulphur and 18% calcium contained in SuPerfect is designed to ensure adequate phosphorus as well as sulphate sulphur is supplied to pastures.

Growing vegetables with ENTEC

Rohan Davies - Incitec Pivot Fertilisers on 28/05/2013

Give ENTEC® a go and see how it works. That’s the simple message for advisers from one of ENTEC’s most enthusiastic supporters, Sigurd Howard from Landmark Wandin.

Smart sensors for crops

Willie Jones on 28/05/2013

Although technology has benefited agriculture in a number of ways, there are some things that growers still do the old-fashioned way.

Fertcare attracts government investment

Jeff Kraak - Fertcare on 15/05/2013

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Senator Joe Ludwig announced in early April that Fertcare was one of 24 successful applicants in the Carbon Farming Futures Extension and Outreach Program.

Agronomy in practice training

Nigel Bodinaar - Agronomy Solutions on 23/04/2013

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers is stepping up its agronomy training program in 2013, as the first of 12 ‘Agronomy in Practice’ courses for the year kick off across eastern Australia.

Nitrogen losses after flooding

Rohan Davies - Technical Agronomist on 23/04/2013

Nitrogen can be lost from paddocks in a number of ways, including volatilisation, surface runoff, leaching and denitrification.

Phosphorus Efficiency Trial

Lee Menhenett, Charlie Walker & Craig Farlow on 23/04/2013

Evaluate wheat response to phosphorus (P) rate, product and tactical P applications.

Extra phosphorus helps wheat after canola

Lee Menhenett - Technical Agronomist on 23/04/2013

New research from Incitec Pivot Fertilisers’ field trial program in Victoria is showing the importance of applying enough phosphorus to crops, particularly where wheat follows canola.

New approach to corn makes impressive start

Rod Dean - Incitec Pivot Fertilisers on 23/04/2013

A new approach to growing corn is being explored in the Rutherglen district of north-east Victoria this summer.

Break cropping and brown manures

Tony Swan, Laura Watson, Mark Peoples & James Hunt on 15/04/2013

Most grain-growers recognise that they should include broadleaf species in their cropping program to reduce disease incidence for cereals and to improve soil nitrogen (N) fertility.

Don't overlook the potential of starter

IPNI on 20/03/2013

The benefits of placing a portion of the crop’s fertilizer needs in a concentrated band at planting have long been recognized. Placing some of the needed P, N, K and other nutrients near (starter) or with the seed (pop-up) at planting can result in a striking early season response that results in quicker canopy cover, decreased erosion potential and enhanced completion with weeds. While starter fertilizer is used in the production of many crops, corn is the most common and probably the most studied.

Soil Nitrogen reserves decline

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 20/03/2013

There seems to be a trend in falling soil nitrogen and organic carbon levels across the cropping regions of Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. This overview of soil reserves is based on soil tests conducted by Nutrient Advantage Laboratory Services.

Perfect Pulses

Lee Menhenett - Technical Agronomist on 20/03/2013

Pulses are gaining favour in many cropping rotations to provide a boost to soil nitrogen levels and give crops a disease break.

50 years of soil testing

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers on 20/03/2013

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers boasts a long, proud history within the fertiliser industry of Australia. Incitec Pivot’s first direct antecedent company, Australian Co-operative Fertilizers commenced in Toowoomba, Queensland in 1915.

Increase cropping efficiency

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers on 20/03/2013

A switch to using MAP with ENTEC® at planting has helped potato grower, Peter Sattler, to reduce nitrogen topdress applications and increase his cropping efficiency.

Experience counts for Bundaberg adviser

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers on 20/03/2013

When Ian Loeskow recommends ENTEC® to his farmer customers, he brings the confidence that comes from seven years’ experience with the product in his family’s farming operations.

Are you going to lose urea this season?

Lee Menhenett - Technical Agronomist on 12/02/2013

The loss of Nitrogen from Urea, through the process of volatilisation is high. Volatilisation is the process where gaseous ammonia is lost from urea as it attracts moisture on the soil surface. A number of factors contribute to this process. Volatilisation losses can be minimised by timing urea applications and by using a fertiliser with a urease inhibitor.

Make soil testing the next stop

Phil Hoult - Agronomy Solutions on 31/01/2013

Growers are being encouraged to make soil testing their next priority, with the grain harvest now complete. And it seems advisers have heeded this advice with a large increase in soil samples being received at the Nutrient Advantage laboratory in Werribee.

A timely reminder about potassium

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 30/01/2013

Potassium (K) is a major plant nutrient required by plants in similar quantities as nitrogen, and in larger amounts than phosphorus.

'Best Bet' fertiliser rates revealed

Charlie Walker - Technical & Development Manager on 13/12/2012

An in-depth analysis of a long-term fertiliser experiment at Dahlen, near Horsham, has revealed which nitrogen and phosphorus rates have performed best over the past 15 years.

How can I get more from my Nitrogen?

Rohan Davies - Technical Agronomist on 13/12/2012

Technical Agronomist with Incitec Pivot Fertilisers, Rohan Davies, shares the findings from a recent nitrogen trial on the Atherton Tablelands in Queensland.

Understanding and preventing zinc deficiency

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 13/12/2012

Seed furrow distribution is important when considering row spacing distribution and root interception of an immobile micronutrient such as zinc. If zinc is needed, sowing with a zinc fortified fertiliser is the preferred option, with placement with the seed the most effective method.

Soil Carbon - Black gold or just a lot of hot air?

Rohan Davies - Technical Agronomist on 06/09/2012

Soil carbon refers to the total carbon found in soil and it includes both inorganic and organic forms. The following discussion is focused on organic forms because, unlike inorganic forms, the organic amount can be strongly influenced by land management.

New Fertiliser Technology

Rohan Davies - Technical Agronomist on 06/09/2012

Growers have more options than ever in new fertiliser technologies. However, it is critical for growers and advisers to understand the potential gains these technologies may provide and their limitations.

Nitrogen Use Efficiency

Rohan Davies - Technical Agronomist on 06/09/2012

The utilisation rate of Nitrogen in mineral fertilisers is about 50-60% in the first year. An understanding of how we can increase the efficiency with which Nitrogen is utilised by crops is useful in mitigating the losses of nitrogen into the environment and improve the returns from applying nitrogenous fertiliser.

Assessing the risks and rewards of topdressing

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 15/08/2012

The effectiveness of topdressing nitrogen is determined primarily by seasonal conditions post topdressing. Identifying and addressing other limitations will help ensure a positive response to nitrogen.

Achieving more from applied nitrogen in cane

Rob Dwyer - Technical Agronomist on 08/06/2012

Fertiliser nitrogen use efficiency in sugar cane is near its highest level in 40 years. However, there are still opportunities for further improvements.

Green Urea to reduce ammonia loss in pastures

Helen Suter - The University of Melbourne on 06/06/2012

The breakdown of urea by a process known as hydrolysis leads to production of ammonia (NH3, a gas) or ammonium (NH4+), a plant nutrient. When urea is topdressed, any NH3 that is produced can be blown away from the site and this leads to poor use of applied nitrogen (N). One way of minimising the risk of NH3 loss is to apply a urease inhibitor with your urea.