Efficient nitrogen for high yielding cotton

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 29/06/2012

Changes in plant breeding, nutrition and irrigation management have contributed to increased yields in cotton over the past two decades.

Check and double check with nutrient testing

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 26/09/2011

Cotton growers can use soil, petiole and leaf blade testing to optimise nutrient use efficiency throughout the crop growth cycle.

Nutrition for cotton on sodic soils

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 08/08/2011

Cotton growers with sodic soils can expect to see reduced phosphorus and potassium uptake due to the hostile environment, according to recent research on the interaction of sodium on nutrition in cotton.

Nitrogen topdressing with liquids

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 01/07/2011

Using a liquid nitrogen source such as urea ammonium nitrate (EASY N fertiliser) provides flexibility when applying nitrogen during the season. However, growers need to be aware of the potential for leaf burn and ways to reduce damage.

Placement with pre planting nitrogen

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 18/11/2009

Some growers have been forced to replant significant areas of cotton because of fertiliser burn on the seedling roots, after applying either BIG N® or urea.

Evidenced based agriculture

When was the last time you asked your agricultural supplier to provide evidence that their products worked in crop as claimed?

Know your soil nitrogen for New South Wales

Testing from the start of January 2010 to mid May of 588 paddocks through the 60 cm soil profile suggests there may be notable low soil nitrogen levels in the cropping areas of New South Wales.

Nitrogen placement for summer crop

Pre-planting nitrogen gives summer crop growers the opportunity to take advantage of any seasonal upside. With proper placement and attention to soil conditions, pre-plant nitrogen applications can be an excellent start to the season for summer crop growers.

Nitrogen strategies for summer crops

Summer crop growers can generally apply all of their crops nitrogen needs pre-plant. Soil application is preferred to maximise plant uptake on wide row planting systems and this may be difficult to achieve in-crop over large areas.

Soil testing in summer crop systems

Soil testing reveals limitations to production and helps growers identify the additional nutrients that may be needed to meet their production goals. This column provides information on sampling procedure for summer crops.