Understanding and preventing zinc deficiency

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 13/12/2012

Seed furrow distribution is important when considering row spacing distribution and root interception of an immobile micronutrient such as zinc. If zinc is needed, sowing with a zinc fortified fertiliser is the preferred option, with placement with the seed the most effective method.

Nitrogen topdressing

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist, Broadacre on 12/06/2012

Make your topdress a success by checking that the crop is not being held back by other problems.

Consider sulphur for canola

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 24/05/2012

With canola sowing complete, attention to sulphur nutrition should now be considered in the absence of pre-drill or sowing applications.

To Burn or Not to Burn

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 15/04/2012

If the decision is made to burn the 2011 harvest residue, it is important to consider the potential for loss of nutrient and the timing of application of any pre-plant fertilisers.

Consider early nitrogen in 2012

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 30/03/2012

During the last two winter crop seasons, cereal and canola programs have relied heavily on residual and mineralised nitrogen in the soil, with supplementary nitrogen applied if the season progressed favourably.

Late Nitrogen Topdress Decisions

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 30/03/2012

A question that is often asked at this time of year is how late can I go with my nitrogen application?

Nitrogen strategies for summer crops

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 08/07/2010

Summer crop growers can generally apply all of their crops nitrogen needs pre-plant. Soil application is preferred to maximise plant uptake on wide row planting systems and this may be difficult to achieve in-crop over large areas.

The value of soil testing

Jim Laycock - Technical Agronomist on 28/01/2010

The end result, and perhaps the prime objective of soil testing, is to arrive at a fertiliser recommendation tailored to the requirements of individual production systems.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing

To gain valuable insights on improving management and agronomy practices, it is a worthwhile exercise to cast your mind back to the previous year.

Nutrient sources for crops

Plants can obtain the essential nutrients they require from a wide range of sources. When deciding which fertiliser is best suited to your crop, it is important to consider how effectively the plant can take up the nutrients.

Quality soil testing

A recent farmer survey has revealed that when it comes to soil testing, more than 90% of grain and cotton growers consider it to be valuable.

Soil fertility decline

Soil fertility decline, especially decreasing nitrogen supply from continuous cereal cropping of north eastern Australian soils, has been associated with decreases in grain protein concentration of wheat in recent years.