Nutrient Advantage: the testing is only as good as the technique

canola field

The analytical experts at Nutrient Advantage stress that effective soil testing is more than an ad hoc, once in a while exercise. "A strategic approach is a must”, says Technical Agronomist – Pasture, Lee Menhenett.

“That typically involves a ‘cyclic program’ of sampling rotated year after year across all paddocks and paddock types – with additional subsoil tests periodically as indicated by circumstances.” Menhenett also points out that your testing will only be as good as your technique…

— The technique you use to extract and handle samples.

— The technique and expertise your soil testing service applies to running tests – interpreting results - and translating them into the right nutrient strategies for your property.

For 50 years, Nutrient Advantage has been helping graziers gain an important advantage through dependable nutrient analysis, and expert recommendations based on local conditions. Want to know more about soil sampling and Nutrient Advantage services for your property?

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