Sweet future for precision agriculture

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers on 20/06/2012

Precision agriculture is becoming an attractive option for cane growers following its adoption in recent years in the grains, cotton and wine industries.

Efficient use of nitrogen in sugar cane

Rob Dwyer - Technical Agronomist on 01/06/2012

When it comes to nutrition, in order to maximise sugar cane production, the efficient and timely application of nitrogen is an important consideration.

Knowing your soil chemical properties

Rob Dwyer - Technical Agronomist on 21/11/2011

Soil chemical properties play a vital role in determining nutrient availability and influencing yield. Knowing your soil’s chemical properties is beneficial for longer term management decisions, to improve productivity.

Splitting nitrogen applications in cane

Rob Dwyer - Technical Agronomist - Sugar cane on 17/10/2011

Split applications of EASY N® fertiliser on cane are being trialled to compare their effectiveness against the status quo of a single application usually applied once soon after harvest.

Zinc in sugar cane

Rob Dwyer - Technical Agronomist on 16/09/2011

Granulock Big Z offers greater flexibility in application and timing options to correct a zinc deficiency in sugar cane, because it can be used with most standard ratoon fertilisers.

Fertilisers and the Great Barrier Reef legislation

Rob Dwyer - Technical Agronomist on 14/12/2009

Legislation to reduce nutrient and chemical run-off to the Great Barrier Reef will take effect from 1 January 2010 and the Queensland Government is now providing information and advice to farmers about their new responsibilities.

Six Easy Steps passes the test

Rob Dwyer - Technical Agronomist on 02/10/2009

The ‘SIX EASY STEPS’ strategy is the current best practice guide to nutrient management and is based on sustainable and profitable production rather than just high yields. It is soil type and district specific.

Carbon in cane soils

The value of soil organic carbon cannot be underestimated. However, any discussion around soil carbon needs to take into account multiple factors.

Companion Legumes No Substitute for Cane

Australian research results are now available to provide some guidance on the value of companion planting legumes in sugar cane ratoons.

Evidenced based agriculture

When was the last time you asked your agricultural supplier to provide evidence that their products worked in crop as claimed?

Quality soil testing

A recent farmer survey has revealed that when it comes to soil testing, more than 90% of grain and cotton growers consider it to be valuable.