Trial data suggests potential for significant yield increase through use of ENTEC enhanced efficiency fertiliser

For some time, IPF has touted the potential for productivity gains with ENTEC stabilised nitrogen blends over conventional urea blends. Now they have some solid evidence to back up the claim. And the potential returns look impressive too.

It’s never been an easy sell. Anything that adds even a little up front to a major investment like fertiliser tends to get resistance from dollar-conscious growers. And for something like urea blends, which have always been viewed as a commodity, it’s even tougher.

But in September 2014, IPF released the analysis of data from six trials (seven harvested crops) conducted over the course of six years (each of 1-2 years length) in areas ranging from Ingham in Far North QLD to Broadwater in Northern NSW. And the company’s perseverance with the ENTEC product has paid dividends – especially for those growers canny enough to use it.

A regression analysis of pooled data predicts a statistically significant 9.1% increase in cane yield and also a 7.7% increase in sugar yield with the use of ENTEC blends over conventional, untreated urea blends traditionally used by cane growers.

Even more significantly, the small additional investment in ENTEC treatment has the potential to be paid back many times over by the added yield. 

IPF Technical Agronomist Rob Dwyer notes: “ENTEC works by stabilising the nitrogen in the soil, making it less prone to loss and more readily available to the plant when it needs it.

“Based on these trials, the best results can be expected during wetter conditions when there is heavy rainfall or regular irrigation, within six weeks of application and correspondingly the greatest risk potential for nitrogen loss,” continues Rob. “However even on average, over a wide range of areas across wetter and drier seasons, ENTEC shows significant potential benefits.”

To find out more about ENTEC’s potential to increase yield and put more dollars in your pocket, see your local accredited ENTEC dealer or IPF representative or click here