Preparing to commemorate Beersheba centenary

Ranking alongside Gallipoli and the Western Front, the Battle for Beersheba, a significant battle for Australian troops, is soon to be commemorated.

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Lambie vote could sabotage ‘Barnaby Bank’

Jacqui Lambie is threatening to blow up the ‘Barnaby Bank’ in the final stages of the farmer support loan administration facility’s enabling legislation.

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Major pastoral station sells for $8.4 million at auction

The historically significant Beltana Station in the Flinders Ranges sells at auction for $8.4 million, and will remain in local hands after failing to attract Chinese interest.

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Pastoralist calls for better regulation of traveling prospectors

A Western Australian pastoralist is calling for better regulation of prospecting permits due to large numbers of grey nomads impacting on his properties.

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flooded cane

David de Paoli

Millions of dollars worth of crops lost as second deluge batters Bundaberg

Farmers say they've lost millions of dollars worth of crops in the second heavy rainfall event in as many weeks.

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Joyce rejects claim Northern Australia development an “epic fail”

BARNABY Joyce has scotched criticism suggesting he’s running scared and has failed as the minister responsible, for Northern Australia development.

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Narromine sells first cross ewes to $224

A crowd of 90 people attended the Narromine store sheep sale today when first cross ewes topped at $224, Merino ewes to $178 and store lambs made to $106.

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'You'll get one in the heart': Witness sues murderer's estate

An environment officer involved in a standoff with Ian Turnbull that ended with his colleague shot dead has successfully sued Turnbull's estate for damages.

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